Profitable Tech Episode #2

Paul & Kelly at Connie Ragen Green's Weekend Marketer Live, October 2013

Paul & Kelly at Connie Ragen Green’s Weekend Marketer Live, October 2013

This is the second of three rapid episodes and we’re continuing with  introductions.  In this episode you’ll get to hear Kelly ask Paul questions about who he is and how he got started in online business.

  • His new Harley, it was a birthday gift to himself.
  • How trumpet playing led to a computer training class.
  • His tech knowledge runs deep, deep, deep! (But don’t call him a Nerd.)
  • He makes tech look easy!
  • Soon he’ll be a true blue day job quitter and full time online solopreneur.
“I help people make money with their websites.” via @WPSiteHelp

Learn more about Paul over at I Need Help With WordPress!

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