Profitable Tech Episode #5

use-an-seo-pluginAre you confused about using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins on your WordPress blog? Kelly is! Of course, Paul has answers and advice.

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    Kelly and Paul,

    Tonight I spent some time to catch up with your podcast series – almost there – and want to let you know how much I enjoy them. They are in a way brilliant.. Here is why:
    1. 30 min. – perfect length; filled with valuable information and yet in such relaxed and fun
    2. Kelly, you have a masterful way of putting yourself in a position as if I were asking the questions and what I am wondering about; and Paul, characteristically, you answer, explain or respond in a non-tech practical way I understand. Yet, both your expertise shines through in such subtle way.
    I felt like sitting there with you and enjoying a cup of tea while discussing and learning why SEO plugin, why one would be more preferable than the other, for instance.
    3. For some reason it clicked with me how effective pod-casting is. I have to confess, Kelly, I have your course, understood its beneficial application when you presented it then but that’s as far as I went. This series, and the way you both use the medium for teaching, connecting and sharing I say: “I got it!”

    I am looking forward to listenening to the rest (2 more) and then to future ones; I hope you both will present more together; you are so compatible!

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